Champions Needed

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Champions Needed

Dear Friend:

Jubilee Transition Homes (located in Tigard, OR.) now has four years of history of helping homeless men come in off the streets, receive healing: spiritually, emotionally, and financially, get a job and eventually their own dwelling place.  JTH provides residence up to 18 months for them to achieve the above stated goals. We provide a drug and alcohol free environment as well as living in a “family style” home with six other residents. The residents go to a church of their choosing.  While looking for work they volunteer at a non-profit that is important to them.  All in all, the men love it here and the turnover is slow.

We are sharing this powerful ministry with you to also let you know that we have initiated our CHAMPIONS PROGRAM.   A Champion is one who supports JTH on a monthly basis in prayer and finances.  Our Champion’s Program helps support a resident while he is looking for work. As you may well know, the current employment situation is “challenging” at best. And then to add to the resume a spotty history or worse yet a felony and you have, for sure, a recipe for a challenge in getting a job. The good news is four of our six residents are working.  The rest of the news is we have more work to do in this arena.  These men want to work. They are  motivated to change their lives.  And with your help, they will.

JTH is not funded by any federal, state or county monies.  We are solely dependent on the monthly service charge the residents who can pay, do which is $440/month and the generous donations of churches, businesses and individuals.

I know there are many different and worthy causes that are vying for your time and dollars.  But would you take a moment to help change the lives of men right here in our area? Your investment in their lives brings back a great return (roi)!  It cost the state $67,000 per year to incarcerate an individual at OSP.  It’s estimated that it cost a city approximately $30,000/year for each homeless person on the streets. Not only are we saving city, county and state funds by not putting a burden on them through petty crime, emergency hospital trips and the general demise of the areas we live in but how about helping them return to jobs that pay taxes, giving the men opportunity to pay again their child support and other obligations.

At JTH we are able to care for one individual for $6,000/year!!!  Last year of the $36,000 dollars raised, $12,000 came from residents, $24,000 came from givers like you.  This last year we were able to help 16 men to one degree or another find their way to self-sufficiency.  Your monthly gift of will take the burden off a resident to help them be able to take a deep breath and find a job suitable for them! You know there is something about monthly giving that let’s us know at JTH that not only are you giving but you are keeping us in prayer (which we desperately need) each time you write your check or donate through PayPal. Every dollar makes a difference.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of being a CHAMPION with JTH. And thank you for caring to make a difference in men’s lives in our community!

Working together for God’s purposes in our community.


503-260-6165  cell
PO Box 1113

Tualatin, Or. 97062

P.S. Your generous support is urgently needed now.

“Through prayer, we know God. Through giving, we make God known.”

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