"Working together for the greater cause of loving the homeless in our community through these special homes."

Mentors Needed

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We are looking for a few good men. Jubilee Transition Homes needs at least 5 or 6 mentors to come along side our residents and not only be a friend and good listener but also a serious Christian man who can take 1 to 4 times a month and get to know and understand the individual and love him as our Lord loves us. Please contact Gerry Pruyn the Executive Director at 503-260-6165 for additional information.

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Champions Needed

Posted by on Jul 16, 2011 in Updates | 3 comments

Dear Friend:

Jubilee Transition Homes (located in Tigard, OR.) now has four years of history of helping homeless men come in off the streets, receive healing: spiritually, emotionally, and financially, get a job and eventually their own dwelling place.  JTH provides residence up to 18 months for them to achieve the above stated goals. We provide a drug and alcohol free environment as well as living in a “family style” home with six other residents. The residents go to a church of their choosing.  While looking for work they volunteer at a non-profit that is important to them.  All in all, the men love it here and the turnover is slow.

We are sharing this powerful ministry with you to also let you know that we have initiated our CHAMPIONS PROGRAM.   A Champion is one who supports JTH on a monthly basis in prayer and finances.  Our Champion’s Program helps support a resident while he is looking for work. As you may well know, the current employment situation is “challenging” at best. And then to add to the resume a spotty history or worse yet a felony and you have, for sure, a recipe for a challenge in getting a job. The good news is four of our six residents are working.  The rest of the news is we have more work to do in this arena.  These men want to work. They are  motivated to change their lives.  And with your help, they will.

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New Look for our Web Page at Jubilee

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We have had some help redesigning our new web page and want to thank Ana from Social Media Handlers (http://www.socialmediahandlers.com/) for a great new look. I will be faithful and update weekly on the news of Jubilee Transition Home and what’s being happening at our house. We have had such a blessing from God lately which I will Post in a separate story.

As of today we have 6 guests in our house and 3 are working.  Jim has a job and is  doing fantastic since moving in about 4 months ago. His new/used car after today will be up and running with new tags. Ronnie our newest member had a new job he started this week and is very appreciative to be working again. Marks is been with us for around 4 months and has a job and is learning to put together a budget with our intern Danielle from PSU.

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